Our main focus is to help every child to develop and feel capable and unique in an enabling environment.
Our curriculum is play-based with a focus on the following developmental areas:

Social and personal development
   Social behaviour is the primary step of education .Earlier stage kids may not aware of what is right and what is wrong; we focus on developing this thing through morel stories, speaking and listening. It aims to give children independence so that they have the skills to plan to make choices initially about play, but eventually about lifelong learning even in their carrier.

Physical development
  In this section children are provided with gym and sports equipments to develop confidence and give strength and control to all body parts. Children move around the classrooms freely and learn to control their own movements. Group play allow them to practise balancing, throwing, catching, climbing, sliding jumping etc

Language and literacy
Recognize and write all of the letters of the alphabet in upper- and lowercase forms. Learn sounds corresponding to vowels and consonants. Identify several sight words, including names of colors.Engage in question-and-answer dialogue with classmates and teachers. Work as a team on projects or problem-solving

The goal of mathematics curriculum is to prepare children for first grade mathematics. 
Sort and classify objects using one or more attributes. 
Recognize, count and write numbers. 
To have a very basic idea of addition and subtraction. 
Recognize patterns and shapes. 
The teacher supply measuring cups, scales, clocks, and coins to give basic information and answer questions.
The teacher supply measuring cups, scales, clocks, and coins to give basic information and   answer questions.                                                                                 

We have wide range of resources to express childrens skills and imagination power in the form of:
Art work - Creating pictures, collages and models and using cutting, folding, painting and sticking skills.
Drama and dance - Using puppets, songs, rhymes and stories
Music - Instruments, taped music and singing
Play - Using sand, water, toys and role play
Story - Verbally and using pictures and words
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Children have a natural concern for all living things and delight in looking after plants and animals.montezine curriculum has always encouraged understanding the world around them and exploring new things. We have large collection of pictures and puzzles to stimulate childrens interest.
Our staffs is warm and professional with a full time nurse on board


Kitchen Fun

Messy Play

Water play

Story Time

Arts and Crafts

Field Trips


Social Development

Physical Development




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